Professional Hat Juggler. 

Christopher Fitzgerald is a hat juggler. Some would say that’s just a different name for a jack-of-all-trades, but this former IT specialist, ad exec and now photographer has expertise that far outshines that of your normal renaissance man.

His strength is in the details of complicated things.  A self-proclaimed tech nerd, Christopher loves anything with a programming, buttons or power cords.  The founder of an IT company before he was old enough to shave, he mastered the hoosits and whatsits of the digital sector while still a child. It was at the realization that the internet was already invented and the opportunities for creativity limited that lead him to a more extroverted outlet.

He is drawn to people, ideas and knows the power of a tale. As an ad man Christopher project managed, but found his niche in suiting up, selling and the story. It was this foray into “grown-up” real job, that put him in contact with filmmakers, shooters, photographers and invoices that told an even more clear truth– that ideas and passion could be parlayed into a paycheck.

He believes in pursuing passion.  Four years later with a Canon 5d in hand, Christopher is making it happen. His niche has been in keeping his projects varied and specializing in small scale filming. He has shot everything from sports to portraits and has done broadcast work for the likes of Chevy and AT&T. However, his real attention is series programming. This fall will mark the launch of one of his filming and production projects, a  reality series about models in small town Americana and he is currently working on pitching a joint effort with his sister Christina that will follow her trials and tribulations of being an up and coming food star.

In his free time, Christopher enjoys eating. When it’s not mealtime, you can find him filming, traveling, connecting some hdmi cables and seeking out dessert.

CONTACT: 1709 Washington Ave STE 904, St. Louis, MO - 636.541.0049 -

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